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Web pages jump around

Brian Wall

New member
Apr 6, 2020
I am using Edge v 83.0.467

On sites such as Facebook, but also others, if I start writing a comment, the page will suddenly scroll and I loose my place. It looks as if the page is updating.

I understand that web pages load stuff from a multitude of different URLs and that the browser assembles all these into a website we see on our screens.

But the problem, especially on Facebook, has become a real nuisance now. My internet connection is around 15mbs (or is it 15gbs? -) ) but plenty fast enough for everything I do.

It seems to be an issue with caching maybe? I'd prefer the page took longer to load in the first place rather than present an unfinished page just so it looks like it is a fast browser!

Are there any settings I can play with maybe please?

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