Weird problem in my Lumia 720

Arpit Mittal

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Aug 8, 2013
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Today I have weird problem in Lumia 720. As my battery is 18% with battery saver on so there is some hang & no touch response, I ignored it but after sometime I opened Photos then something happens as is saying remove your memory card as no photos were there which were in memory card. So I exist Photos then again open Photos but this time no problem. But after sometime again non-touch response so I decided for soft-reset with volume down + power key.
But my phone is not starting as it stuck on Nokia logo, I tried 3-4 soft resets but no response so I called Nokia Care they said you have to hard reset or factory reset (with keys)after my phone will be switched off as now no switch off is possible. But after sometime I soft reset again then amazingly phone restarts, after that I tried switch off then on, factory reset no problem at all, but factory reset taking about 1 minute (Nokia logo takes around 40 seconds).
After 1 hour I opened Photos again then again same problem as my phone restarts but it stuck again so this time again so solution with soft reset , so I removed memory card then soft reset , amazingly my phone restarts with soft reset.
After that I scanned memory card on laptop no virus (with windows defender on Windows 8.1) & again re-insert memory card to my phone, now no problem in phone & also in Photos.

Now soft reset take about 40 seconds (Nokia logo take around 25 seconds). So my question is how much time your phone take when you do soft reset (mainly how much time Nokia logo from windows phone 8 logo)
But my main question is I have to format memory card or factory reset my Lumia 720 as this will not occur in future or I will wait for one more time to that stuck thing happen.
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Aug 12, 2013
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apparently, ur memory card is causing the problem. back up all photos and format it. there must be some problem with the file system in it. it may occur due to unexpected reboots also.

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