Weird things with Windows 10 Mobile 10586.29 and Outlook and notifications


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Oct 31, 2015
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I was previously using an OG Moto X with my Band 2, but yesterday I started using a Lumia 635 running the Windows 10 Mobile Insider build.

First, in Android it was possible to turn off notifications by apps in the notification tray. Does Windows Mobile not have this ability? I ask because when I get an e-mail, I get the Outlook notification on my Band and then the notification center notification from Outlook, so I get two notifications for the same e-mail.

Second, when I use the "clear all" function in my phone's notification tray, it clears those notifications on the phone but then my Band alerts me with the notifications I just cleared just like they are new notifications.

Third, there is a noticeable lag time between the notification on my phone and the notification on my Band. With my Moto X, notifications on my Band were instantaneous. With the 635, it's taking a few seconds.

Are there any solutions to these? They're all rather annoying and kind of ruins the experience and practicality of notifications on the Band. Is anyone else running W10M/W10M Insider having these same issues? I really thought W10M would have provided a more seamless experience with the Band than an Android device.


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Jan 15, 2014
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First, it's a W10m bug. I ran WP8.1 before and had no problems with the notification center
Second, I also find that an annoying thing. Microsoft just doesn't understand that it's annoying to have to clear the same message 3 times:
- in the notification area
- on your start screen tile
- on your band
that's opening/clearing 3 places for 1 message :S. I'm really curious why Microsoft does it this way....

Third, I don't notice real differences.

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