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What apps fully implement Metro?

Wasim Wes Adetunji

New member
Dec 23, 2014
If you haven't tried the NBC News app, you should definitely at least take a look. Whoever made it seems to uniquely understand what Windows phone is all about. Navigation is fully based on the pivot and app bar, voice control and text-to-speech are built into the natural flow of normal usage, all while employing Windows phone's characteristically integrated approach to providing updates through Notifications, Lock Screens, and Live Tiles.
Al Jazeera has a pretty great app too. Are there more like this that fully take advantage of what Windows phone has to offer? (be it news apps or otherwise)

Source: Check out this link I found on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/windowsphone/comments/2y9xmc/what_apps_fully_implement_metro_windows_81/'>What apps fully implement Metro & Windows 8.1 features?