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What are the Windows Phone for AT&T Release Dates and Rumors for Fall 2014?


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Windows Phone for AT&T Release Dates and Rumors for Fall 2014

I have an upgrade available and I want to get the latest and greatest Windows Phone for AT&T. I have seen a HTC and Samsung Windows Phone at a Verizon store. Unfortunately, I have AT&T. I have been searching the internet way too much looking for the newest Windows Phones.

My question is, can someone breakdown the best current Windows phones, upcoming Windows Phones and dates. I don't mind my current Nokia 520, which I got when I broke my HTC Windows Phone. However, I do want a new phone and I'm a big fan of this OS. Any info is much appreciated!


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Mar 14, 2014
Re: Windows Phone for AT&T Release Dates and Rumors for Fall 2014

The flagship for AT&T is currently the L1520, it is already released and you can see one in the store right now. As for future devices, the HTC One W8 has yet to break away from Verizon exclusivity and their is no guarranteed day for it to come over to AT&T. You also have the L830 coming which would be a nice upgrade from the L520 if you want something recently released. According to this article, Nokia Lumia 830, 735, 730 Release Date, Specs: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile | Gospelherald.com , the L830 has yet to receive an official release date but I'm betting on it releasing sometime before or at the same time the HTC One W8 debuts.

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