What do you think about the price?


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Feb 1, 2013
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So you prefer spedning $399 on a ipad mini? lmao........seriously?

No need to critique, if the iPad works best for him, then let it be.

I'm tired of people comparing Surface to an iPad, they're targeting different markets. The iPad is meant to consume media in a fast efficient way, it's built from iTunes up to deliver great media content to you in a streamlined, fast and stable manner. The Surface line-up, meanwhile, is meant to connect you to Microsoft's incredible suite of productivity apps to provide unmatched mobile work efficiency. If you're looking for a tablet to just watch movies, play games and casually browse the web, the Surface will do that just fine. However, it's rather expensive to be doing so little, when things like the iPad many Android tablets, and of course, Bay Trail tablets can do the same for a good deal cheaper.

It's like comparing a minivan to a Ferrari. Sure, both can drive you around and generally accomplish the same things, but both are designed with different market goals in mind. The iPad provides media content in a great curated way, and lets not forget just how much media content it's sitting on. It's meant to enjoy the work of others, to consume what has already been made, perhaps with a quick email or Word edit here and there. The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are for the ones who want to get things done, no matter when or where, they want to full power of Windows productivity tools to always be at their finger tips, just with an occasional movie or game on the side.

They both seek out very different people. They have some overlap, but are overall separate entities. It's time the market treats it as such. I have Surface Pro 2 and I love it. Having so much raw power always with me is such a rush. Sure, I might not have Candy Crush and whatnot, but what I do have is a device that will let me be productive on a scale I previously couldn't even imagine on my laptop. However, most don't need that, and that's perfectly fine.

Find what works best for you and your needs, thus is the wisdom of Swimswim. :wink:


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Dec 8, 2011
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Fanboyism is just narcissism, and to tie one's self esteem to an inanimate object or corporation is a mental illness. It's not a crime to admit something you like isn't perfect, or to criticize it in hopes the manufacturer will improve it. No one insulted anyone's mother, you know.


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