What is Microsoft position in the HERE Maps Solution [ buyers] ?

Jorge Holguin

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Apr 18, 2014
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The rumors are getting stronger by the hour, that Nokia wants to get it off of its HERE maps solution. And that big suitors are aiming to acquire it [ Amazon, Apple, Facebook, BMW, Audi among others.] Considering that Bing maps has been using HERE's data for awhile now, and how good the application works on WP I am little worry that any other company besides MS acquire the solution. History have shown what happened when this happen; WP/W are out of luck and the applications disappear in a blink. I do not want to be to alarm like I was when Google acquired Softcard, and then we learned MS had something really good under the sleeve. But, I believe this is different and big, because not everybody had it right [Apple] that even car makers are after it.

What do you guys think?


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Jan 12, 2013
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Yeah, but let's see how things unfold. Another recent article lists some of the new features of the Maps app for Windows 10, though the database for that one seems to be from Bing Maps alone.

A possible difficulty in the acquisition would be the merging of the database of HERE and of Bing Maps (that is, if there are any differences), whereas conflicts in location information would have to be resolved almost individually.

However, whether or not Microsoft acquires HERE, we should be expecting a lot of improvements in our Windows maps experience.:smile:


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Oct 28, 2013
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Am damn sure apple will buy here nd force us to buy apple devices to experience here.something good for iOS users.Apple will make here truly amazing nd market it to the fans that it has greatest offline capabilities. So we wp users will be left with bing maps.At least android users have google maps which does not consume that much data.


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Jul 4, 2011
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Allow me to be the voice of dissent here.

The poll question is should Microsoft buy Here. Not if I want to. When you look at mapping, the question becomes what is the value verses the returns? In buying the Nokia handset division, you got manufacturing, supply, research and development, access to all of Nokia's patents already licensed, and also prevented your largest supporter of Windows phone from branching into another OS when it was almost 90% of your sales. It was a "had to" buy.

Mapping is a different story. At the price it is being offered at, you could dump half as much into your existing mapping tech and improve it tremendously. Let us not forget: MS is a service first industry, and it's largest selling point is that you can get all the services you need from it. Cloud, documents, mobile, mapping, gaming, music, video streaming: all available. These services all do not need to be the best- just competitive. Bing maps is competitive. Not nearly as good as Google Maps, but a very good service. I am sorry, but Nokia's mapping service is not "better" than Google maps either. So by purchasing it, MS really is not getting a better position in the mapping marketplace than it would have without it, even if it beats Bing maps.

There are only real 2 real arguments I could make for the purchase:

1) MS buying it keeps it out of the hands of their competition. But again, at the price it is being shopped around at, that argument is not cost effective. MS has enough pokers in the fire. Let this one burn out someone elses pocketbook.

2) Bing maps blows chunks everywhere in the world not named the US or Canada, HERE maps is great in every market. I am okay with this, except that I go back to the fact if invest 1-2 Billion in your mapping tech, you can improve Bing maps in house. That is still way cheaper.

As I like Nokia's service better than Bing Maps, sure I would like MS to get it. But I ain't leaving MS to follow HERE maps. And Apple/Google users ain't leaving to get HERE maps. either

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