What's the best app you have had? List down on comments

matt john2

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Apr 14, 2014
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Here are some guidelines: Fluidity,design,animations, performance and experience.(you are free to add more)

Anyway, its just my little poll for you WP users, I just wanna know some good apps out there cause maybe I'm missing them out.


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Jun 27, 2012
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I'll start off with an app all of us should be using, the Windows Central app. :p Probably one of the few apps I use daily and glad to have paid for.


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Mar 2, 2014
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Plex (watch my stuff from my PC)
8list (good Craigslist app)
Facebook (I get great jobs using FB)
WPtorrent (good torrent app)
Utorrent Remote (start and control download on my PC,from my phone....even away from home)
Speed Test (check connection and speed of networks)
YouTube HD
Windows Central
.........thats afew


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Oct 30, 2012
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1. Nextgen Reader
2. Proshot
3. myTube/Tubecast
4. Readit/Baconit
5. Poki
6. Artist Info (though its not updated since 2012)
7. Zbox
8. Pocket File Manager
9. System Tiles
10. MixRadio

SSgt Bruskowiz

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Jan 23, 2014
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The best app?
Simple, mine.
Well not realy mine, but the idea was mine.
Its a private app ( hidden in the store ) with a story................
@ first i created it as a spreadsheet to work in excel, but i needed office to work with it.
Lateron the first smartphones became mainstream so it had to be "mobile"......
......for Android.........., yea yea hit me, i had a few droids before i saw the light.
So someone was so kind enought to build a app for that.
It worked great, and some are stil using it.
Than the day came that i crossed over to WP,
so i had to start over.
On the web i found Arnold Vinke ( from the clockapp "Timeme" ) and he desided to help me with that.
It came out quite good, but eventually i wanted more dept and functions in the app.
With that idea in my head i met on wpc a developer ( know as Arp105 ) here on the forum who took it up on him
to redesign it and with the extra functionality to save the outcome of some matches.
Ow and the funny part is that we also had to overcome some language difficulties.
The app is build in dutch not realy a native tongue for Arp.
But we managed

Well thats basicly the story.
The app itself has for outsiders barely no use.
Its a calculator to calculate ( what else ;-) ) the outcome of angling matches.
And as extra a small tutorial about how to use it and contain some rules stated by our goverment.
So its basicly a calculator and a smal guide.
And with the possibility to save the matches.

Its more a club app then it is for general purpose.
And its free for download.

Uitslag Calculator | Windows Phone Apps & games Store (Nederland)

So when i look back at the history of this app its safe to say that this one always stays number one.

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