What's the idea of the Windows 10 S against Chromebook

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Aug 7, 2014
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When the king Surface Book arrived in 2015, Microsoft drove a lot of campaigns and published adverts against Chromebooks. Even on Microsoft Store site, you could see series of comparisons with Photoshop, CADs and the likes.

During that period, I often wondered how such a great piece of device can be compared with Chromebooks mostly by HP which lacks many hardware like Nvidia, advanced cooling parts, processing power and a lot more.

I guess the general public opinion was still same. Sale of Chromebooks was on the rise and the robust Windows 10 with it's glory and flaws couldn't effectively compete or serve as a perfect replacement for the light usage functions of a Chromebook.

Chromebooks effectively carry out their light purposes. These includes: surfing the web, using the browser apps and streaming movies/media. This simple functionalities positively affected it's overall performance (battery, booting, processing) as the OS doesn't do more than those things .

2017, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 S which is a limited edition of Windows 10. I think of the idea as a similarity to Windows 7 Basic which could be upgraded by imputing the product key of an higher Windows 7 Edition using the 'Widows Anytime Upgrade tool' (if anyone remembers that).

The Windows 10 S announcement rang the bell of the popularly rejected Windows RT OS which was equipped with an Explorer and could only run apps from Windows Store. Despite making office available, people complained about everything about the OS. Windows RT was even shipped with the earliest Surface Tablets.

I guess, " sometimes, a new name is just enough to re-present a rejected idea and get it accepted". So far, public reviews of the Windows 10 S is quite positive even by some critics I know.

Obviously the Windows 10 S OS has been streamlined for security and superior performance which is an advantage to extend battery life and hence serve the purpose of a long lasting and light usage.

A competition hedge is that while Chromebooks cannot be upgraded to a superior edition, the Surface Laptop can be switched to the full Windows 10 Pro to unleash all the performance power. Battery performance might be influenced by this however but it should still be impressive at that capacity.

This new and limited OS would strongly counter the Chromebook OS competition as users will both have focus on only Store-apps and browsers.

In conclusion, the Surface Laptop might not kick-out Chromebooks completely because of the cheapness of some Chromebooks but I suspect it would be largely accepted into the 'light-use' gadgets market.
Moreover, more angle turns would be achieved once OEMS stats shipping devices with Windows 10 S OS.

What a nice innovation by Microsoft. Thumbs Up!

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