What's your 10 Point List on what W10M needs to do to catch up?


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Apr 1, 2017
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1. Stability Improvements
I believe that Stability will be very important in attracting and maintaining an audience, and by improving stability, glitches occur less and everyone is happy.

2. Improved Efficiency
By lowering power usage and making things more efficient, phones become faster, smoother, and more powerful. Alternatively, power efficiency could be converted into battery life. Settings could have 3 settings; Efficient, Balance, Performance, that alter the level of performance and battery life.

3. Notification Center Improvement
The Notification Center is pretty good, but has a lot of room for improvements. Cleaning up the interface, applying Fluent Design, and adding more functionality are the main in my book. Functionality in specific could be really, cool, such as the addition of Night Light.

4. Multi-Tasking
Multi-tasking is a feature that I'd really like to see come to the W10M ecosystem, both on mobile and in continuum mode. Obviously, CPU power plays a role, but generally, all phones should have the option to multi-task, being displayed as an option in the Settings menu, that is automatically toggled off on weaker devices, though they may still attempt it if they desire. This could also included picture-in-picture video support, as seen on iOS, and exists on full W10 as mini-mode.

5. True Horizontal Support
Adjusting the UI to work completely horizontal would be pretty cool too, no need to adjust the orientation of the phone just to execute commands. This means the entirety of the same could be run in landscape, including things such as the lock screen.

6. Improved Home and Lock
The Home and Lock Screens could be improved to improve sleekness, stability, fluidity and speed. The Lock Screen could use some improvements to its adaptiveness to different situations, such as music playing in the background, and on that note, more support for applications and website that can have media play in the background would be vastly appreciated.

7. More Apps (may require paying people)
This is a pretty basic one, but it's also the most importance, an abundance of applications must come to the Windows Store. This may require payments, partnerships and financial sacrifices, but in the long run, it'll be beneficial for capturing the casual demographic and luring them away from competitors such as Apple.

8. Fully Assimilated Fluent Design
Let's face it, Windows 10 does not look too good, but with the annoucement of Fluent Design, it's become clear that Microsoft is heading in the right direction. If they can fully integrate Fluent Design into W10M, it's sure to look alluring to the many demographics, and if done correctly, can result in a situation of the best-of-both-worlds, where it is not only sleek and simplistic, but powerful and unrestricted.

9. Simplified and Streamlined OS Movement
Microsoft has never truly made movement around W10 easy, and I think it's time for that to start changing. Streamlining it, whilst keeping it unrestricted and simplistic, allows for the appeal of both professional and casual demographics to co-exist. Things may need to be altered, ie. the control panel and settings, paths may need to be changed, and item placement and interact may also see changes, but it is for the better, not worse.

10. Pick Up Where You Left Off
This is a feature teased by Microsoft already, but it has yet to see anything close to completion in the Fall Creators Update. If W10M can receive this feature, it can really begin to connect with full W10, thus ushering in the age of Universal Windows, or its creation at least.

Overall, the point I'm trying to get at is this; improve stability, speed and efficiency, whilst streamlining the OS and maintaining the unrestrictiveness, in order to make it seem appealing.

NOTE: For this stuff to happen, Microsoft should focus on developing updates for its own core products alone, making it kind of like Apple in the sense that iOS is ONLY available on Apple products, it makes it easier to deal with hardware and also makes the Windows Store make sense, because you can actually tell what phones can run what, eg. "Only available for Surface Mobile 2, Surface Mobile 3 & Surface Mobile 4, as well as Tablets and PC devices."

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