Whatsapp Media and the onedrive stupidity - how a feature can become a nightmare


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May 12, 2016
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Hey Guys!

I just want to get rid of my anger ..

On one side i love the cloud thing. But it's a hell when it's not well programmed.

The big Problem: Pics/vids are getting always a new timestamp.
Examples: I make pictures with my phone. I have the picture now on my phone and on my onedrive. so far so good. I send one of thoose pictures with whatsapp. Still no Problem. Months later i checked whatsapp settings - they made a change to the previous "upload media to onedrive", so it was deactivated. I activated it because i love to sync as much as possible to the cloud. So whatsapp started to upload ALL the (old) media. And all the pictures get the timestamp from the upload date, not the creation date! Now i have 1000 new pictures in my cloud, not new, just a copy from the 1000 old one which i already had in my cloud! ARRRRR!!!

But the madness is not over:

Thanks again to whatsapp dev or microsoft, i run into the bug to not get anymore notifications from whatsapp. Only solution is a hard reset... Ok, no Problem, because of cloud backup. Did a hard reset. Now whatsapp starts one more time one of his great features: "do you want to restore" - of course, great feature, thats why i like the cloud! NOT! What did whatsapp: Downloaded the 1000 pictures back to my phone. Not bad, BUT(!), its a copy, so all the pictures on my phone are have again a new timestamp! And thanks to the feature to upload my media to the cloud, i have now again the same 1000 pictures UPLOADED to my onedrive.. So now i have the same 1000 Pictures 3x or 4x on my cloud!!

Its a fckn pita now to fix that, because you cant sort the pictures because there is no common between the picture....

I can't tell you how i feel now... :angry::angry:

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