When does the T-Mobile HTC One M8 sale end?


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Aug 23, 2014
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T-Mobile HTC One M8 Sale

A couple days ago the HTC One M8 was on sale for $48.00 off, free XboxOne Case (redeemable till January), zero down, free shipping. That sale ended and the price was back up to $584.00 yesterday. Today T-Mobile has another sale for the HTC One M8, now it's $50.00 off, zero down, free Xbox One Case. Site won't let me post links until a 10 post count, so here is part of the link, add w w w to it. (t-mobile.com/cell-phones/htc-one-m8-for-windows.html)

The T-Mobile rep on the phone said the ale is for December. Question is, is the sale really for December, or is it going to end at 03:00am like these sales have been?

I held off on the early sale this week thinking it was going to last a couple more days but it went back to normal price that night.

I still owe $84.00 on my wife's 925 before she can make the jump for the phone, was going to pay it and then make the jump. Just weird paying $84.00 for the 925 only to give it away and start all over :eck: with $530.00 two year payment. I have a 925 I bought off HSN for $125.00, but I don't want to add another monthly payment, so I jumping my wife (pun) and giving her my 925 for the HTC M8.

Would also like to know why didn't HTC name it the HTC One (W)8 instead of the M8????

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