When you convince your friend to buy a WP, it may happen.


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Feb 17, 2013
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I had convinced one of my friend to buy windows phone and he choosed the Lumia 630. After a break of three weeks I met him. He had a lot of questions/missings on his lumia 630, I lists here,

1. When you dial a contact without country code in prefix, 630 is not identifying the contact which has same number saved in the phone with country code. (eg: number saved in phone with country code +91 9790x12345, I dialed only number 9790x12345) when you dial with country code it identifies the saved contact.
I tried in my lumia 620 and my friends lumia 720, no issue at all. I think it belongs to only dual sim 630 bug. Has any one have similar issues in your lumia 630?

2. He was using whatsapp toomuch in his android phone. He likes to select multiple messages and forward. It is missing feature in whatsapp in WP.
I have no anwer. I hope Whats app's update for WP8.1 have this feature. Any whatsapp beta users pls check this feature is there in beta app?

3. Call history not showing the duration and time of each call like android. I hope it will be there in wp9.

4. Custom name tag for contacts, currently we have like mobile, home etc.,

5. When you dial numbers, matching contacts should be displayed lively, We dont have natively this in WP8.1, I recommend rapdialer. he is not happy that excess steps and ussds are not working.

Still he is happy to carry WP and completely disappointed. I asked what you have liked here in WP8.1. He dont have a list but likes offline navigations and fluidity of OS.

Thanks friends for some one have answers for the above questions which I had over looked the answers.

Mr French

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Sep 16, 2014
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Hi cysuresh !

For your n?3 issue, a long press on the call and then select "details" to see that information ;)
About the other issues I don't know sorry :D

Karthik Naik

Jan 17, 2014
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2.whatsapp has the laziest devs ever,i wouldnt expect an update soon
even hike has a better app than whatsapp and viber and hike was released late on wp
though hikes spam thing is something that puts alot of people off(including me)

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