Where can I find my recovery key for Nokia Lumia 640?

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I had tried to use windows insider to update my Nokia Lumia 640 to windows 10.1, and it eventually did update. When it did, a popup said 'Welcome to Cyan' or something along the same lines. My homescreen became a search thing, and I couldn't access any apps besides Cortana. When I did use Cortana and searched for apps, the links wouldn't work. After restarting my phone a few times, I gave up and hard reset it using the button code. (power-hold volume down-volume up-down-power-down). I cannot seem to get back into my phone, however, because it says 'Ooops! Looks like we ran into a problem trying to turn off Reset Protection. Make sure you have a network connection and try again later. I am connected to my wifi so I'm not sure about that, and I don't know what my recovery key is or how I can find it. That seems to be the only way for me to regain access to my phone, but I can't find the key anywhere. Please help!

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