While downloading Apps I get the error code 80070490 and sometimes another error 80070201 appers, how can I fix them?

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while downloading Apps error code 80070490 and sometimes another error 80070201 appear appears

In my Microsoft Lumia 635 phone, downloading stops with the above error code. This persists even after I have got Microsoft e mail account twice verified and confirmed, once reset the password and once reset the phone itself. Initially, while setting the phone, I have opened Microsoft e mail account with dataone.in, which I am unfortunately unable to recover or retrieve, with the result, I am unable to follow instructions sent to e mail dataone.in. This appears to be prompting to non-confirmation of Microsoft contacts. Even though I have later opened e mail with outlook.com and also continue syncing with existing e mail with Yahoo, not even a single Apps have been downloaded till date. Help me (i) to cancel e mail of Microsoft linked to dataone and open afresh one e mail account with Microsoft so as to enable me down load Apps


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Sep 26, 2014
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Re: while downloading Apps error code 80070490 and sometimes another error 80070201 appear appears

Sorry but I do not really understand what you did or did not do.
You state that you verified your MS account twice but you also state that the verification e-mail address can not be used.

And I understand that you can not download or update apps at all (never updated at all).

Probably the easiest thing you can do is create a new MS account and use the a correct verification e-mail address.

Or login in on your PC with your current MS account you use for your phone.
Go to security and privacy
Go to advanced security
Go to add security "settings"
then add an e-mail or telephone number
and mark this as new e-mail or telephone to get the verification code. (or did you already do this?)

I hope you can understand above steps but I translated them from Dutch so there may be some translation differences.

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