Why am I getting an error code with I try to download apps?

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icannot download apps this errorcode keeps popping up

i cannot downloads errorcode keepspopping up why do you make it so diffificult


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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: icannot download apps this errorcode keeps popping up

To be clear... This is a Fan Based News and Discussion site. NOT run by Microsoft, Lumia or any developers...

We didn't "make" any of it.

Most likely you are having a sync error with your Microsoft Account. Test if it can sync by going to Settings > email + accounts > hold down on the account name > tap "sync" from the popup menu

If it syncs try to download your app again.

If it does not sync, make sure date and time are correct for your location. Try removing any restrictions in Data Sense.

Try a Soft Reset. Hold down the Volume Down + Power buttons until the phone vibrates (about ten seconds). let go of the buttons and the system memory will clear itself on the reboot.

If all that fails... Go to your Microsoft Account online with a PC Browser and change your password. Back on the phone you should have to enter the new password and that will force a sync.

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