Why aren't my Stroller steps recording?

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Stroller steps

When I use the stroller, I don't get any steps recorded. I put it in my watch in the pocket which has worked for other fitness trackers which didn't seem to work so just turned off watch and used iPhone in pocket. Any advice on getting steps working with stroller.


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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: Stroller steps

I'm afraid we need more detail... Could you join the site and reply in this thread?

When you say "watch" could you please be more specific as to what "watch" you mean?

If it is Apple's Watch, you should probably ask our Apple educated friends over here: Ask Anything - iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at iMore.com

If it is some other Fitness based Wearable we have some friends who specialize in the myriad devices available: Ask Anything - Connectedly Forum

If it is something ultimately Windows Related (like Microsoft Band) then get back to us here with more device specifics.

In general... You want plenty of swing so the accelerometer knows when you are taking a step. In the case of a wrist wearable device the amount of swing should be fairly pronounced to help distinguish between a step and other motions like reaching for a glass of water. Check your device settings for sensitivity tweaks.

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