Why aren't some of my events and notifications syncing on my Google Calendar?


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May 12, 2011
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Google Calendar Syncing Issues

I have a Lumia 928, running denim and the DP. My email account is a gmail account. I know 8.1 added calendar support for gmail via caldav (I believe) however I am having some syncing issues. Events with notification will not sync. And recurring events created in the previous year or earlier do not sync. If I take notifications off the event, it will sync. If I change the start date of the recurring event to the current year, it will sync. However, neither of these options seem acceptable since I have a large amount of recurring events, and may want to be notified about an event at some point. I have seen these questions listed elsewhere, and many of the answers include comments about creating an outlook calendar and syncing that. And while that is exactly how it was setup prior to 8.1 DP, there are limitations to that setup that aren't great. Like the inability to create new calendar events in the gmail calendar so I would like to try and avoid that option. Has anyone found a solution or a different work around for these issues? Thanks in advance.

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