Why can I not log in and access my laptop after installing W10?

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Aug 6, 2015
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Why can i not log in and acces laptop after installing w10

After installing windows 10 I cannot access my laptop: the password is incorrect.
all common solutions are not working and already changed my microsoft login password 4 times and it works on all other devices.

It is making me sick because I can't enter my laptop and there were some files which I didn't yet made backup for. ( thesis materials)
I know this looks like a long post but u really should read this, its very entertaining... informative..


I have gone through several microsoft " techs"

nr. 1online : This, I cannot help you with u need to call this number..
nr. 2. : (English voice because the operators of my country were busy):

she : Ah mind the capslock!
me: euhm yes I tried that before calling microsoft techs..
she: oh ok euhm wait a second (mumbles)...
she: try the on screen keyboard , your laptop might be on other keyboard mode..
me: ok ( trying) : noppe this is not working!
she: this must be a synchronization issue!
me: ah ok so what can I do?
she: I dont know, I will give u the link to a specialized tech.
me: oh ok thx

nr3. " The specialized tech"

me : explain problem
he : so u tried capslock and on screen keyboard?
me: yes...
he: don't worry mister I know whats wrong , u use wifi right?
me: yes...
he: well now I know for sure I can solve the problem: turn of your laptop, connect it to wire internet and turn it back on, the password will now be synchronized!
me : euh ok wait a second ( we dont use cables anymore, had to find a cable and plug it in a box somewhere in basement)

=> still doenst work!
he: wow ooh this is not good, I can see in our files that this issue is rising more and more, however, all the things u did : screen keyboard, wire internet.. it worked for them but not for you.
me: so what can I do now?

he: I'm afraid I can't answer this, we will be working on this issue and let u know ( i asked for letting me know) when it is solved.
me: well this is ****, I can't acces my own laptop because some bug from microsoft that wants to control my log in????
he: Yes I understand, u can try and repair your laptop but data might be lost.. GL

the day after : I tried repair but didn't worked , I used some cmd's in cmd prompt which I found on the internet from people with sortlike problems: didn't work.

this was 2 days ago, I took a break from it yesterday I was fed up.


TODAY ( this is really bad karma or smth I have received)

My cellphone rings ( microsoft has my number to identify): This is microsoft tech. ( not fluent english and lot of noise)

me: oh hello
she: hello sir , we are a company affiliated with Microsoft, You might have laptop problems, your pc is hacked.
me: well yes I have problems.
she: I know , turn ur pc on

=> At this moment I putted my laptop on and it was updating, which didn't happened before since windows 10 installation.

she: ok, now go to google.
me: Euh sorry but if u now the problem.. I can't log in! ( I explain myself but she is really getting it)
she: ok I give my supervisor...male voice suddenly
he: hello! can u access google other way?
me: yes with the laptop of my mother ( this one)
he: ok go on...

=> it resulted it proving he was real microsoft, gaining laptop control... all until he asked for 11 euros to fix the problem and asking to pay with maestro or visa....

At this moment I knew I was being scammed so I hold him on the line until I got rid of the teamviewer software he let me installing to gain access to my laptop.

=> I broke up phone, he tried calling me once more.. Normally I would never trust a called from " microsoft", but the combination with my real problem and the fact he called 2 days after mislead me, it was a awkward coincidence? He also used my laptop problem against me : U see? your one laptop is already broken and now they are hacking your other laptops...

" the coincidence issue" : I think this might not be 100 percent coincidence: scammers know microsoft 10 is having difficulty's...


After the scam, I was really anxious, so I decided to call microsoft again, this time one who speaks my language, dutch. ( I am from Belgium)

=> the microsoft callcenter is very busy, we call u back in 52 minutes.

After 52 minutes an auto message machine calls me to inform I need to stay on the line and wait 2 more minutes.

( after 5 minutes a female dutch speaking voice)

she: Hello sir ( she was from the Netherlands I heard from her dutch intonation)
me: hi
she: whats the problem?
me: Okay please listen to this story: I explain here quickly the issues I wrote in part one and part two above.
she: Ok, I also have no solution for your windows ten problem, u can call a number from HP and ask them to send the 8.(1) software, however u will lose all your files. before I give u the number, about the scam, if you want to make sure that there is no malware installed I have a promotion for u! If u pay 49 cents a day ( LOL) you can use microsoft service people and or software for one year, they will sweep your laptop and check for malware..
But be aware they cannot fix your W10 login error.

me: If they could fix my W10 error and they would charge me for it, this would be the world upside down..
she: YES I know, but keep in mind : the scam issue is neither our neither your fault so its a payable service...

me: Ok lady I will check your offer online, but I have to go now pls give me the hp number.
she: ok here it is ... thank you!!!

Now I got the hp number , but I searched online on hp site and the software I will have to order is via a third party and they charge 45 euro ...

I have not called nor ordered anything, still looking on forums..

Ok pfew I had to get rid of this story, I'll have my coffee now..

( still hoping for a hero that comes with the solution)

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