Why can't I get the NHL Mobile Website on WP 8.1 in Canada?


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Jan 16, 2013
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NHL Mobile Website on WP 8.1 in Canada

The NHL as a fantastic mobile website that is no longer available on my 520,635,920 Lumias.

Last year the NHL signed a new 12 years tv/media contract with Rogers. Ever since the beginning of the current hockey season the mobile website is no longer available on my devices. Even if i paste an url for the mobile site it always take me back to the full website. I suspect that that new contract as something to do with it.

But here is the catch! A few months ago i dropped by at the Microsoft Store and tried to get to the mobile site on 3 different Lumia 830. One each from Rogers, Telus and Bell. They all worked just fine. I did this on 2 different occasion.

I would really appreciate it if someone of knowledge could explain that one to me.

We all heard of the app gap before but to not be able to reach a mobile website that was previously available and a major one at that is getting ridiculous and very frustrating.

Thanks for your time.

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