Why can't I view my Xbox profile on Windows Phone?


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Jan 20, 2015
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Can't view my Xbox profile on Windows Phone


new here and i hope any of you can help me.
i own a lumia 830 for the past 30 days, and i had to do a hard reset on it last week due to an app (foulplay) causing my lock button not to work at all. i managed to bring the phone back to how it was before the hard reset (all necessaries were backed up), but ever since, i cannot view my xbox profile when i use the games app. i managed to re-download all purchased games (and apps) since i signed in with my microsoft account after the hard reset, and all of them show up in my games collection, but when i slide to my social screen, it doesn't show my profile at all (avatar, gamerscore, etc.). i tap on the "join or sign in" and "already have an xbox profile" but all it does is direct me to windowsphone.xbox.com/mobile/accountlinking . it says there the changes may take up to 8 hours and i've done this a number of times for the past 5 days, but nothing shows up. i usually go online using my 360 at least once a week with no problems, but it seems my profile won't link to my windows phone and i do not know why my profile won't show even though i can still buy games using the store app, and when i start up any windows phone game, my profile name shows up.

please help.


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Jul 13, 2014
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Re: Can't view my Xbox profile on Windows Phone

Your not alone it seems to be a bug from the denim update and/or the updated games hub

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