Why does my Lumia 730 screen blacks out/ locks when I answer or make call?

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Lumia 730 screen blacks out/ locks when I answer or make call.

I got my new Lumia 730 last week. Whenever I make a call or receive one, screen locks out/ blacks out. Did not have this problem with my Lumia 720. I read about proximity sensor on some sites but I don't see any setting to change proximity sensor on my phone. Please help to fix this problem.

Alfa Kapa

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Sep 29, 2014
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Most phones out there do it, in order to save the battery life and also to
prevent your face touching buttons on the screen (such as end call) :p

This is called a proximity sensor.
On your Lumia 730, this sensor is located at the top (between the earphone and the camera),
each time you are on a call and for example you put your ear on the earphone, the screen blacks out,
you can see this function in action if you make a call and place your finger between the earphone and the front camera.

Being in that positions, ensure that once you move away the phone from your ear, the screen is automatically turn back on.
This sensor is found on the majority of smartphones and it is crucial in order for your battery to last longer and there isn't an option to turn it off!

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