Why must I restart or hibernate my 2-in-1 to get auto-rotate and keyboard lock to work?

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It all started when I refreshed my windows install as lots of people do to keep my computer running like new. When I did, Windows 10 started to lock the screen rotation permanently, graying out the option to unlock it. My sensor works fine, its updated. I have already tried deleting the driver and reinstalling it, I also already tried turning my laptop to tent-mode and then unlocking screen rotation. I've tried every single solution people have with screen rotation, however my problem is slightly different. When I restart my 2-in-1 or put it into hibernate mode it will work just fine if I boot it in tent-mode. However, it doesn't go back to normal if I boot it like that, the keyboard and mouse stay locked. I have to restart or put it in hibernate to get it working like a regular laptop.

It is confusing, since everything works but it doesn't work how a 2-in-1 aught to, it's a pain in the butt restarting it every time I want to read a book.

If you can think of any solution to my problem, please let me know. I have tried every solution to auto-screen rotation I can find, other people just aren't having the same problem I am.

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