Is there a duel monitor for 2-in-1's?


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Nov 13, 2012
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I've got a two year old HP Spectre laptop, which is a 2-in-1. I love it! I love being able to use it as a laptop and when I want to use it as a tablet, being able to turn the keyboard 360 degrees on the hinge so I can just use the monitor, such as watching a movie or reading a webpage, is great.

I'm a software developer. Using two monitors on my desktop is a great boost to my productivity. Consequently that's the one thing I've never cared for with a laptop, is not being able to use a second monitor. But that seemed to change with the idea of a duel monitor for laptops, such as the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro which has been advertised a couple of times here on Windows Central. But I'm wondering if the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro might interfere with my HP Spectre's ability to work as a 2-in-1? Or, when configuring my Spectre into tablet mode, would the magnets of the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro interfere with the Spectre's monitor?


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Dec 22, 2017
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You might be better served with just an external, portable monitor if you are looking for something to use while on the move. Most of the major hardware companies have portable monitors. Asus makes several different sizes and styles.

As for, if the Mobile Pixel DUEX will interfere with using it as a tablet, I would say that it would as the keyboard wouldnt be able to fold as flat as it normally would with the addition of the attachment and monitor being on the back of the display.

Another option would be to get a wireless HDMI dongle to put on an external display, then connect wirelessly to that display. Reducing cables between the PC and external display.

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