why does my surface book not connect with two monitors on the MS dock? Why is unresolved for 3yrs?

Robert Kapsa

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Apr 26, 2018
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The system intermittently cuts recognition of the two extended monitors that I have attached top the dock... Requires an ambiguous process of deleting the display drivers, disconnecting the monitors from the dock , connecting them directly to the PC and then reconnecting the dock... hard booting the PC and screens... e3tc etc etc... I regularly lose an hour or even 2 of work time trying to get this system going...

Have had NO luck with MS support despite HOURS of seeking such... This will Definitely be the last MS hardware that I will ever purchase... have had this issue now for ~3 years ever since I bought the PC and 2 docks (one home and 1 at work) and 4 screens (2 at home and 2 at work) to make sure that I had a stable system at work and at home...

Microsoft have definitely dropped the ball in terms of customer support and lost touch with what matters with this surface/win10 suite of products...

They would be well-served to go back a few steps, stop with the in-building of redundancy to the systems... my 8088 worked faster for word processing than does the current tech... and stop with the invasive monitoring of people's systems that takes up valuable processing power... after all... don't they make enough money out of everyone?...

if MS had to pay for the time that people waste in getting these issues resolved then they would perhaps not be so keen to put out product before it has been properly error-tested and quality controlled... likewise, i suspect that the customer service in terms of issue resolution would perhaps yield less (unanswered) "blog" and more answers for people who spend good money to buy into the fractured MS vision.

Many thanks for probably not reading this...


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