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Why does my whatsapp doesn't work after yesterday's update?

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I have a lumia 620 and updated my whatsapp yesterday. It doesn't even go inside the app. I reinstalled it many times but still not working. Please help.

Amit Mishra3

New member
Mar 10, 2014
Strange! Even I got L620 but my WhatsApp is working fine. If you've already reinstalled it many times then I guess RESET is only option left. You can try one more thing try to install WhatsApp in phone memory... I guess WhatsApp can only be installed in phone memory n cant be moved to SD card but still check if this works.

Ras Taffy

New member
Jun 25, 2015
im having the same problem on my luminia 520 i even reset bt im still unable to open my whatsapp.....i wonder why windows is having more problems.....im now going back to adroid