Why does the language and region revert to locals, in stand-by mode?


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May 17, 2017
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I live in Austria, Europe, but the settings on my gear are always in English.

Always, until Windows Phone 10 came. I installed it on my Nokia 1520 with high hopes... and instead I live a life of frustration ever since.

I can use Settings -> Time & language to set the language and then the region to English (US) and US respectively (I do want to use Cortana, so I must set the region as well).

[ I need to restart the phone after _each_ change. WHY?!? ]

The phone gets then English/US and stays like that for one minute, until it goes to stand-by and the screen turns off.

After that, it switches back to Deutsch / Österreich. Sometimes gradually: I see for instance "Einstellungen" instead of "Settings", but it still shows me "Time & language". Like right now. I open the "Language" setting and, lo! it is "Deutsch"! (yet the text around is plain old English.) So now I set it again, and do a restart.

I disabled localization. I stopped a lot of applications from running in background. Nothing helps.

Is there a way to fix this? Somebody?...

[Also, this is Windows Central, guys! do you really need ads? it took the page 0.2 seconds to load the relevant texts, and 5 seconds in total to load! 80% from your page is eaten up by ads! I mean, come on! This is embarrassing. ]

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