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Why doesn't Battery Saver show what is draining my battery?

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I lose 1% per hour on standby with my HTC 8X. It's got the latest update from Verizon. So over the last day it lost 24% battery doing nothing. But Battery Saver shows 7 apps with <1% usage, and Battery Saver itself at 1.9%. I have no idea what's causing the extra battery drain. I have a backup Lumia 520 that only loses 2 or 3% overnight. My dad's iPhone is the same. Why is my HTC 8x draining like my old crummy Android phone?


Retired Moderator
Nov 12, 2012
Considering smartphone batteries typically last for 24 hours (48 if you're lucky), 1% per hour isn't too bad.

And your phone is always doing things while it's power up. Sensors are sensing, the phone's radio is ensuring there's signal and waiting for any SMS/calls to come through. Other things are happening as well. You can't really expect the phone not to use the battery at all when it isn't actively being used.


New member
Jul 23, 2015
Hi I don't know why my original post showed up as "guest". 1% per hour is way too much. That's the same garbage I get with Android. Microsoft and most manufacturers state their phones get "up to 300+ hours on standby", which is true of pretty much every iPhone I've seen and even my old Lumia 520. There's something wrong with this phone and I want to know what's draining it. Isn't there any other battery sensor app that can give me a better explanation?