Why doesn't my Lumia 930 wireless charging work any longer?

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Lumia 930 wireless charging no longer works

Hello all:

I've had a couple of issues pop up with my phone over the last couple of months:
1. It no longer charges wireless with a Nokia charging plate I got with a Lumia 920 when it first came out. At first I thought the charging plate quit on me, but then I dusted off my 920 and sure enough it charges up wirelessly just fine.
2. It gets unusually warm pretty quickly in about 5-10 minutes of use doing trivial web browsing. If I go for 20-30 minutes it starts to get pretty hot.
3. The battery life has been pretty poor as well. Before I could go a whole day charging only at night. Now I have to charge twice a day. I have disabled most apps from running in the background but this hasn't changed anything.

The phone is currently running the most current build of Windows Phone 8.1 and came with no US warranty as it's the unlocked international version.

Are any of these issues commonplace and/or do I have any recourse? I had hoped to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile before moving on to a Lumia 950 - but with these issues having popped up I will not be able to sell this phone in good conscience.



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Sep 12, 2014
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The wireless charging problem seems pretty common, happened to me too.

Take the back off the phone [see guides no net, means popping the sim tray out to unclick the first connecting points] - then you need to gently ease the wireless connecting points back up a little.

Did it with mine and all working great again. Seems after time these little contact points move away from the connector on the back of the rear casing.


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Oct 1, 2014
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Thank you!

In all the hustle of upgrading my phones to W10M and the holiday I lost some hope anyone would answer this thread. After reading your suggestion I popped off the case to my 930 and noticed the back cover was partially open. I guess the phone fell or took a nice hit so I followed your recommendation and completely removed the back. I wasn't sure which of the pins needed to be set so I just moved them all a little, then replaced the cover and sure enough the phone started charging when placed on the plate. Thanks!

As for the overheating and battery draining - I was curious how installing W10M would affect the phone. First thing I noticed was double-tap to wake was no longer working - but I figured that was a simple setting (which it is). I used the phone as is for a couple of days and both issues no longer seemed to be present. Then I turned the setting back on and immediately noticed both issues had returned.

I'm not 100% sure this will work for anyone else (I also have NFC and tap to pay disabled) but figured I'd post it here just in case someone came across this in the future.


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Jun 1, 2014
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As others have said....check the back.

I dropped mine a while ago and the Qi wouldn't work, a few days later I saw the back wasn't totally flat, it was only one clip not in, but when I clipped it back it charged again :grin:

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