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Why doesn't Xbox Music find all of my music?


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Xbox Music doesn't find all of my music

I have saved 100+ albums (1,000+ songs) on the SD card in my new Lumia 640. I originally loaded the card when it was in my Lumia 520. All of the songs are MP3s and all have both ID3v1.1 and ID3v2 tags. The file structure on the SD card is \\Music\(artist)\(album)\(song).

Xbox Music finds some, but far from all, of my music files. This was true for both my 520 and now my 640. I can use the Files app to locate the music files and play individual songs. We I play songs this way, Xbox Music doesn't list them under recently played.

Is there any way to force Xbox Music to refresh my music list or do anything else to force it to find more of my music? This is VERY frustrating.

Alternatively, can people recommend a different music app that works with lots of MP3 files on an SD card (and not the cloud).

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