Why has my Lumia 1520's power button stopped responding?

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My lumia 1520's power button is not responding.

I've been using my lumia 1520 since last february and it didn't have a problem since then. Not even once. Since last july i've been using it with preview for developers program. Again, no problem has ever happened. Just 15 minutes ago my power button started acting weird. My phone was charging, i plugged it out because the battery was full and the battery indicator kept showing "charging" symbol. Then i pressed the power button to lock the phone, and it didn't work. I tried soft reseting, it works. So it works when i long press it, but it doesn't when i short press. Also not it won't charge till i plug it in then soft reset while its plugged. Any suggestions? (Sorry for the English I'm not a native speaker:) )


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Jul 22, 2014
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Re: My lumia 1520's power button is not responding.

Did you installed navmii app ? The same issue is with me since yesterday when i installed navmii app. Its still here. I have to soft reset after every 2 or 3 hours. Just avoiding claiming warranty and hard reset. I am using Lumia 730