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why is my 925 showing no signal?


WPCentral Question

after buying the mobile i used almost 2 months nicely where signals were excellent in 2g, 3g,nd 4g mood ... suddenly one morning i started getting only 1-2 bars which when someone calls shows no signal at all .... and one month later it started to show no signals like forever ..... i've got no warranty since it came from abroad .... i tried every possible way to get the signal.... now pls tell me what is it ?? is it my network IC that stopped working ?? or what ?? i really love this mobile ...


Retired Senior Ambassador
Aug 26, 2014
Cell signal can degrade for a number of reasons. New structures being built in the area can cause interference. More people using a particular tower will make less signal available. Damage to the tower can occur that will lessen the ability to send/receive signals. It could also be that a particular tower near you was taken out of service or taken down for service, and your phone is now having to communicate with a tower that is farther away.

The function of the phone itself hasn't changed more than likely, unless you have put a metal cover on the phone recently which could prevent the phone's antennae from working properly.