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Why is my 950 XL battery draining so quickly?

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I previously had a 950 which had excellent battery life until a couple of months ago. It then starting running hot and would drain completely in 4-5hrs.

I briefly went Android but hated it so bought a new 950 XL after 2 weeks.

If I don't use it much the battery will last 12hrs or so. The moment I start browsing or anything intensive, the charge disappears hugely quickly - 5% in 5mins. I left it on, in airplane mode overnight (7hrs) and found that the battery had drained 40%.

Is this normal or excessive for this unit?

Prunean Daniel

New member
Feb 7, 2017
Do some hard resets/install preview builds. I was in the same situation until one day when after another hr with WDRT i got a good battery life.