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Why is my Autocorrect showing strange behavior?

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Autocorrect strange behavior

I have a minor problem with autocorrect I need help with. Certain words autocorrect in the strangest way. Below is a chart. How can I correct this?

What I want Autocorrect
is,it,if. I
my,me. M
women. some

There are others, but these are the most common.

Any help is appreciated.

Aniket Bhat

New member
Sep 22, 2013
Re: Autocorrect strange behavior

Type what ever word is being auto corrected in a text or on OneNote,

E.g. If Ark is being corrected as art, Then type ark a like 10-15 times.. later on it won't be corrected but art will still show up in the suggestions...

You could reset suggestions if you want. Settings>Keyboard>Advanced...