Why is my IE lagging after updating to Windows phone 8.1?

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IE lags after updating to Windows phone 8.1

I just updated my Lumia 810 to Windows phone 8.1 using the developer preview app, and while most of the OS seems snappier, internet explorer seems to be running much worse now - while pages load just as quickly as before, tabs just keep crashing and animations lag. For example if I go to search and click on a link and then go back to the search results, when I check the browser again that tab is usually gone. And if I open a link on some page in a new tab and hit back to go to the page I was browsing before the one I opened fully loads, its tab will usually crash and disappear when I look at the tabs page. Is anyone else experiencing these issues or is it just because I'm not using an official update? (T-Mobile seems to have stopped giving updates for this phone though)

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