Why is my MyFitnessPal and Microsoft Band showing calories burned when I don't work out?

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MyFitnessPal and Microsoft Band calories mystery

Okay, when I first received my band at the beginning of December everything worked pretty much the way I would expect it to. I would run and get X calories of general exercise synced to the MyFitnessPal app.

Then at the end of December it stopped working. I then deleted and reconnected MyFitnessPal in the connected apps section of the band setup.

So now, all of sudden, I am getting extra entries in the exercise section of MyFitnessPal. 200 or 300 calories of "general exercise" will show up on days when I don't use the running or the dumbbell icons.

What is going on here? Has anyone else seen this? Maybe crossed wires with someone elses account? Or since the first update of the band firmware its guessing that I have been exercising and adding the activity? Not sure what's going on. I'm not one to argue with a couple hundred extra calories to eat, but that isn't very accurate.

I'm very hopeful that an update soon will allow the band to guess when you are exercising and sleeping and adjust its calculations appropriately. I'm sure that is possible, just wasn't ready for release when the band was created.

I am a huge BAND fan and hope that Microsoft takes the time to support, market, and improve an awesome device. Please!


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Jul 20, 2011
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Re: MyFitnessPal and Microsoft Band calories mystery

Thanks Jeff for the answer. I made the assumption that it happened at the same time as the firmware update and glad to hear someone else seeing the same thing. Maybe an answer will come with the NEXT update.

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