Why is my Nokia 635 text tone on/loud while on phone speaking?

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nokia 635 text tone. on/loud while on phone speaking

while on the phone speaking i hear my text tone go off in my ear and its loud. any way to disable it or lower it while on phone, but not while im off of it


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Aug 26, 2014
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Re: nokia 635 text tone. on/loud while on phone speaking

The "loudness" of the tone is set by your volume slider. Turn it down, and it will also be more difficult to hear the person you are talking to.

However, there is still a solution. Change the actual tone that is used to one that is not as loud or annoying. I'm using "knock". Since I pretty much keep my Bluetooth in my ear all the time when the phone is in use, I'm always able to hear it. It's less intrusive than some of the others, but you can check out the tones and see what you like, or use Ringtone Maker to add a new one that you like.

To change the tone, you can go into Settings -> notifications+actions, then scroll down to Messaging. Tap Messaging and you can change the notification sound.

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