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Why is my Nokia Lumia 520 freezing?


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Nokia Lumia 520 freezing

My phone keeps freezing on me. Ive done multiple hard and soft resets and nothing seems to work, it still freezes throughout the setup after the hard reset. Any one else having this problem? Anyone have a soulution that isn't cracking this piece of junk over the corner of my desk?
Oct 7, 2014
Re: Nokia Lumia 520 freezing

I suggest a few things

1) make sure you go to battery settings and turn off as much background tasks as possible
2) transfer as much games and apps and music to the SD card
3) close any windows your not using
4) use storage sense and Lumia storage check to delete any files
5) download files from the app store (8.1 only) to go through each folder and delete the ones you want
6) finish off with a soft reset

Hope that helps. That will be one thanks and one like please *cough cough*