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Why is my WP lacking?

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My reasons why WP is lacking :(

Window 8, 8.1 is still lacking behind when it comes to smartphone world.

1. No locking of 3G networks; I keep on getting EDGE network all the time even after setting it to 3G as highest connection and I get 3G with same sim on android and blackberry. Due to this, I have gone back to my android and blackberry coz I can't keep on getting fluctuating service why i get stable 3G with same sim. I'm the type that always need strong network for my bizness.

2. Open apps keeps on resuming after opening it for a long time. Imagine me opening 5 apps (multi-tasking) and when going back to left open apps I keep on seeing "resuming" and sometimes app will disappear in the cause of resuming. So annoying.

I can open 10 apps on any android and leave it for hours and still be able to navigate to it without waiting for the apps to load, WP lacks this feature. Even a small techno Android doesn't wait for it to load while resuming.
Oct 7, 2014
re: My reasons why WP is lacking :(

Well.... As for the first answer its nothing to do with Microsoft with your lack of 3G..... Common sense would indicate its all down to your network provider with low coverage.
Secondly as fir resuming it all depends how you manage your phone... Did you turn off back ground task? Is there intense games running like modern combat? What phone do you have? If its a 520 then there will be a bit of resuming. Simple way to stop it is to close any apps you wont be using
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