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Why is Reset My PC taking abnormally long?

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After upgrading to Windows 10 and verifying my activation, I decided to make use of Reset PC from the Recovery section of Update and Security so I could have a clean install. The black screen with the Windows logo and "Resetting this PC X%" has stayed at 2% for over an hour now. It took maybe 15 mins to change from 1% to 2% but since then it just hasn't changed. The loading wheel is still going through it's animation, so I know it's not frozen. Additionally, my PC isn't all the great specs-wise (yes, it met the system requirements), but it should not be taking this long to move from 2% to 3%...Actually, from the responses of other users who did the same thing as I, the entire reset should've only taken about 30 mins.

Koen Cuijpers

New member
Aug 28, 2015
The exact same thing is happening with my laptop reset at this moment. It has also been at 2% for maybe an hour even now. How did this end for you? Did the reset finish and if so how long did it take? If not, what were the consequences?

Thanks for your answer!

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