Why isn't MSN Weather able to install error 80073cf8?


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Oct 10, 2014
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MSN Weather cannot install error 80073cf8

Hello everybody. I own a Nokia Lumia 520 and I am very happy with it. Yesterday I had to reset my phone and my back-up was blocking, I gave skip and went forward. My system was restored though even the bar was blocked to 82%. Unfortunately my Weather (MSN) cannot install anymore, is downloading, but after is installing a message appears (...restoring data) and after that a big error 80073cf8
I didn't changed the location, the location is the same. Weather is trying to restore some data from my previews installation. My question is, how can I "reset" the app? I don't want to restore any data. This causing me a lot of troubles. I reset my phone like 5 times yesterday trying to resolve that problem. I even made a back-up with the app uninstalled hoping this time Weather would not try to restore my data but guess what, not a chance. Is not possible to delete it for good? Or to reset it? I want to avoid that "..restoring data" step because this is causing all the troubles.
Aug 4, 2014
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Re: MSN Weather cannot install error 80073cf8

Go to Storage sense change ''Store new apps on my'' to Phone Memory. Try installing the app again. After doing it you can change back your settings.
Weather app can only be installed in Phone Memory.


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Apr 25, 2015
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I have found a solution to the error, it involves the app having some sort of pop up notification that you have to accept, this could be for example- a notification telling you that the app can only be installed on phone memory, Terms and conditions, asking to track you, exc.
-what you are most likely doing is installing it through backup, however as it is installing the last part (accepting pop up) is failed (you clearly are not accepting the terms when loading through backup) , just go the longer route and install through the windows store and you should be good

the solution is simply go to the windows phone store and download it there, and be sure to accept the notification whatever it may be, terms and conditions exc.
-I experienced this same problem and solved it simply by doing that above
:hope it helps -cheers XD

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