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Why isn't my Cortana accepting passwords?

Sarah Sartori

New member
Apr 22, 2016
Cortana nor accepting passwords

I got into Cortana today( fairly new to this windows 10 upgrade) and found out that my old hotmail account can come in handy with it. However, I forgot my password and couldn't remember where I wrote it down at. But I used my backup email to get a code, and go from there. I then tried to use it and it asks for that password I just used ,if I understood it correctly, on Cortana and it wasn't accepted. I found this very frustrating. So while in my account I changed my password again to see if it needed that as the "old" password it was referring to. Again, it wasn't accepted and neither was the new one I just created in the confirming slot. Does anybody know what password it's asking for because something tells me I would have better luck at flying than finishing this step. Urgh!!

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