Why isn't my Facebook notification working properly on Lumia 730?


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Dec 5, 2014
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Facebook notification not working properly on Lumia 730

I have recently purchased a Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM mobile device. I downloaded Facebook App Version from Microsoft Store on it. The one issue that's been bothering me too much is that it's not notifying me the activities of my friends. For instance, it does not notify me when my friends update their status or upload a photo or video. The live tile on the Start screen only shows activities involving only me. E.g. it notifies me if someone has commented on my post or photo, if someone likes my post or photo, someone sends me a friend request or someone sends me personal message. To sum-up, it is notifying me with the activities involving only me. If my friends update their status or post something, it will not notify me that. Here, I would like to mention some important points about the settings I have made to my Lumia device. First, I have subscribed to the "Toasts and Live Tile" (which is checked for Wall Posts, Feed Comment, Feed Comment reply, Photo Tag, Photo Comment, Tagged Photo comment, Photo comment reply and Friend confirmation) option for mobile devices under the "Settings" of Facebook App. Second, I have also subscribed to the all available notification updates option available in the main Facebook account settings. Third, I have an MSN email id that I use to log into Facebook and have also inter-connected my Facebook account with my MSN?s email account to access my Facebook account from within my MSN account (Microsoft provides this facility to all its email users to connect the Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts from within its email account after logging in).

I have written the same problem to both Microsoft/Nokia and Facebook for resolution but disappointed that no reply has yet come from their end. This forum seems my last saviour to take me out of this problem. Please send me the solution to this problem at the earliest. Thanks in advance.


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Sep 13, 2011
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Re: Facebook notification not working properly on Lumia 730

Not sure if this will help, but I've got 2 things for you to check...

Settings > notification+actions > Facebook
Make sure both "show in action center" and "show notification banners" are checked...

Battery saver > Facebook
Make sure "allow to run in background" is checked

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