Why isn't Xbox Live working for 360 Games On Xbox One?


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Jan 23, 2013
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Xbox Live Not Working for 360 Games On Xbox One

Hi all,

My XB1 is running the latest software update that allows for backward compatibility with 360 games. However, I can't save my progress for any titles as I can't log into Xbox Live in the 360 emulator. XBL is fine on my regular Xbox One titles but none of my old 360 games (which are on the compatibility list i.e. Fallout 3, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2) work.

Long with this, it takes my console an age to fire up any 360 games. It sits there saying it's trying to get profile information for about 5-10 mins, then finally takes me to the games' regular menu screen.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there anything I can do to rectify it? I have deleted my Xbox 360 profile in the XB1 dashboard and turned the console off from the mains to force a full reset but I'm still having no luck.

I have tried searching on Google but it's pretty useless as I'm only getting help articles for the 360, not the 360 running on XB1!

Any help would be appreciated.


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Mar 20, 2013
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I had an issue shortly after rare replay released where my profile on the emulator somehow got logged out and it didn't matter which backwards compatible game I launched it would try to log in for 5+ minutes and fail every time, so I couldn't access my saves or make new ones. After some digging I found that hitting the two buttons below the home button on your controller while in the emulator will bring up the 360 dashboard. I logged in that way, restarted the game, and everything has worked fine since. It sounds like you are having the same problem I did so hopefully this helps.

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