Why people still attracts to Apple rather than Microsoft in app development?


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Mar 26, 2015
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We know both Apple & Microsoft are paid platforms.
Even then, why developers are getting attract to iOS development even their mobile apps are heavier than Windows10 Mobile apps?
Apart Android platform, most of companies demanding for iOS developer and strictly say NO to Windows Mobile apps(development).
But I saw, most of Anti-MS(except MS) job companies are using Microsoft Windows whether it's paid/pirated.
When will the apps bar of windows phone increase? (...Even w10m is dead platform...)
Will we need to wait for snapchat or abandoned win mobile apps which are still running on android/ios.

Think MS think.

As a designer, i have many ideas for UI/UX improvements for each w10/w10m native apps. If you need it they I can share it with your team.
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Feb 6, 2015
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Apparently when it comes to the app stores, Apple's App Store makes the most money with having more paid purchases over the others. The hassle is worth the possible exposure/revenue. With that being said, I can understand how companies that don't have a large budget will skip Windows Mobile.

If I'm understanding you correctly, it's not an equal comparison to note that these companies use Windows for PC but refuse to develop for Windows Mobile. Windows on PC is very needed. It's necessary for most at this point, even to the point where people who use Mac OS even have VM of Windows on their computers.


May 15, 2013
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It's pretty simple actually.

1) Numbers
2) Confidence
3) Investment and risk management

Due to the lower number of users on the windows mobile side and given the lack confidence Microsoft has instilled into developers through various miss steps. Developers do not see a forseeable and easy return on investment, so the risk is high.

Inversely, with Apple there is a higher number of users and given Apple's bread + butter is mobile users where apps make perfect sense. Plus the confidence in Apple will not just walk away from the mobile space since they can't, Developers will invest heavily even if it means co-developing multiple apps for each of Apple's devices as the risk of loss is much lower.

It's the scale of economics and which Microsoft has pummelled into the ground spectacularly all for the sake of short term profits. I get why, as Satya Nadella will be assessed by the board predominately how their shares do and net profit.

The easiest way to increase net profit, is to cut physical expenses and participate in virtual revenue growth. Software is a virtual revenue growth point as that it has little no physcal expense, Servers and other hardware can easily be offset as that is in essence a one-time only transaction. As through continuous use the equipment will pay for itself by offseting the initial cost (breaking even).

Whereas with producing hardware there is an on-going expense and additional overheards through unsold stock, purchased parts for repairs and storage for said parts. By offseting these against the revenue received, some quarters they will make profits, some quarters they wont.

I am over simplifying things here but that is pretty much the gist of it.

I hope someone in Microsoft management is not thinking they are playing four dimensional chess by targeting ios and android users, they are not.. there are so many flaws and vulnerabilities where their opponents can strike and make no mistake will strike. Because those flaws and vulnerabilities are natural growth points for their competitors.

By targeting Android and ios users they only further entrench those user into those ecosystsems. Therefore why should they buy any windows based device when they can use and android devices and ios devices they already have whilst benefiting from the apps + accessories in those ecosystems as well as Microsoft's services?

Thus they completely undermine the entire Windows ecosystem.

I know several relatives and friends who do not even have a windows based laptop or desktop, they use android and ios devices only. For gaming it was the ps4 and now ps4 and the nintendo switch - those who had the xbox 360 - they either sold it at a loss or it's gathering dust in a closet.

By giving office away for free on ios and android they gave away the biggest leverage they had for windows based devices, again understandable why. But that just further entrenches people into their competitors ecosystem.

However as long Microsoft share prices continues to grow, this trend will continue.

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