Why too much focus on online multiplayer and achievements?

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Jan 10, 2012
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Thought I spread the news here and add my voice to it too cuz it's also a bothering concern to me.

I'm really hating the growing trend of not adding or taking out split-screen multi-player in current and upcoming games. I hate that when my friends come over we can't play Battlefield 4 together online or off. Why do they make it where we either have to take turns playing with strangers or he has to drive to his house to be able to play with me? That's stupid. Ryse looks interesting to me but I rarely, if ever, play games alone and I'm pretty sure that the multi-player modes for that game are online only. So I would be in the same situation with that game. So even though it looks fun I most likely won't be buying it.

I'm really gonna miss logging on to Xbox Live with 3 guests and playing 4 player split-screen in an online match like you could on Halo. I was hoping with the next generation that this feature would increase, like 6 player split-screen online or something, but instead it is slowly disappearing altogether.
Does anybody have or know of a list of Xbox One games that will support split-screen multi-player, especially split-screen online? (Adam Hamilla)

My biggest complaint is too much focus on online multiplayer, at least on the current generation. Seriously why did almost every game need an online multiplayer function of some kind? In fact a lot of games suffered because of online multiplayer integration. Anyways, why is Local Multiplayer a thing of the past? Do they not think gamers have friends around them at a particular time?
(Justin Hickman)

I think it's high time we come together to make this known to game developers or bodies responsible for multiplayer gaming. Tooo much emphasis on Online multiplayer and even games that don't need multiplayer are getting multiplayer (eg: Tomb Raider)....sounds stupid to me. They all going online just to make money by releasing expensive DLCs not knowing they bringing the value of the game down. They need to know this.

Online achievements are just stupid to me. I always leave them if they demand too much timing....don't have that much time. It should be gotten rid of or made earning them a better way. I really love BF4....it has reasonable achievements that can really make you say you've played and enjoyed the game. JUST WAIT AND SEE, COD GHOST WILL BRING OVERWHELMING AND STUPID ONLINE ACHIEVEMENTS FOR US////SOMETHING LIKE PRESTIGE 5 TIMES....IT'S INSANE CUZ WE ARE GAMERS ALRIGHT BUT WE ALSO WORK AT DIFFERENT PLACES.

Second thing is internet connection for online gamining. I for one in my home have an unlimited 12mb/s internet connection and can choose when to go online.....but the thing is I can't think of myself only, atleast there might be people else where with no internet connections but yet buy the game for the love they have for it. Now making part of the game strictly online by a developer wouldn't be fair enough to that person and as time goes on, the person might loos their love for the game. We are different people in different situations and game developers must know and develop games to suit us all.

Is any game developer or gaming body here? you can please tell us why the too much focus and emphasis on online multiplayer and achievements?
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Oct 2, 2012
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I'm all for online multiplayer, but not at the expense of offline multiplayer. Some of the best "free evenings with friends" I've had have been playing different games on a shared screen. Playing it online (unless we have 2 consoles and TVs and play in the same room, even if online) is never quite the same.

But seeing that you can attach 8 wireless controllers to the Xbox One, I suppose they havn't totally forgotten split screen :D
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