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Why won't Cortana talk to me when I receive a text in my CRV?

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why won't cortana talk to me when i receive a text in my cr-v

my hands free link in my cr-v works great with my windows phone (nokia lumia 928) when i want to make or receive a phone call. i can even voice text through the car's bluetooth when i prompt my phone manually. when i receive a text, however, cortana fails to talk to me anymore. she used to, but all of a sudden i can't hear her through the car anymore. what gives?


New member
Feb 26, 2014
Re: why won't cortana talk to me when i receive a text in my cr-v

I wish I knew the 'why'! What I have found in my vehicle, which has Sync 3, is that Cortana will read and speak if I have NOT paired my phone to the car (same with turn-by-turn with maps) . If I have it paired, I don't have that function. Odd, I know. You could try to delete the pairing from your phone AND vehicle and then re-pair each one and see if that fixes it.


New member
Dec 5, 2014
Did this happen after loading a recent update? Did you check the settings in Cortana's hamburger (upper left corner)? Check the Notebook, if you didn't already, and see what the "Read incoming text messages aloud" is set to... Maybe do a soft reset? That's all I can think of.