Why won't my L 625 turn on?

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Simply - L625 Won't Turn On.

Yesterday, my phone started messing around saying my Music wasn't there and thus is couldn't play it, and my games were instantly quitting upon starting them up, and also when trying to text I could type one word, but as soon as I hit 'space' it wouldn't allow anymore text to be entered and I would have to back out and re-enter for each word.

So, I tried to restart the phone thinking that might help, but when turning back on, I was greeted by the black screen with the word 'NOKIA' across it, and it just stays there, I can't turn the phone off, if I try by holding from the power button it just restarts and gets stuck, I let the battery run out and upon fully charging it, it still gets stuck, I've performed a Factory Reset hoping that would do the trick, but no it did not, still stuck. I've tried the following:
1. Power, Volume Down > Volume Down > Factory Reset
2. Power, Volume Down, Camera Button
3. Just Power
4. Drain the Battery and Fully Charge
5. Left Charging
6. Constant Restarts

But nothing works, if someone can just confirm the phone is dead or provide a 'cure' that'd be great, as I really need a phone and will be forced to grab a new one.


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Jan 27, 2014
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Re: Simply - L625 Won't Turn On.

You can try the lumia recovery tool :) But if that doesn't work, then it's due to hardware. In that case you have two options.. Pay to change the motherboard or get a new phone

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