Why you SHOULD get excited about the direction Microsoft is taking

Giorgio Tacchini

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Aug 8, 2013
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It?s been a while since Ballmer is gone, about one year to be exact and although many haven?t gotten excited about the new Microsoft, this is the time to do so, here?s why:

New Windows
Windows 8.1 was released 17 months ago, and as many of us know, it was a Windows 8 upgrade which basically tried to calm many angry users, Windows 8 got many people angry because it presented traditional Windows 7 users with a OS that lived in some kind of duality, it couldn?t recognize itself, and although many of us got accustomed to the way Windows 8/ 8.1 works and got to love it, it didn?t catch a lot with the majority of consumers. But now it?s time for 10 which in my opinion, it?s shaping up to be the best Windows release ever. Windows 10 jumps the 9, for whatever reason you want to think (personally I think it?s a marketing strategy) and brings users a lot of new features and what I think important: it adapts to users and not the other way.
Also Windows 10 is the name of the Windows Phone 8.1 successor, best of all: it will be available to ALL Lumia handsets. It will bring a lot of features to the OS, and finally level the playing field with iOS and Android 5.0 and maybe even surpass them in some areas. In my opinion I choose WP for its awesome combination of hardware value in Lumia handsets with a very, very smooth OS experience and we can expect more of it from Windows 10.


From my point of view the best thing about Windows 10 is its adaptability. It runs the same basic core across devices from 4 inches to 80 inches to no screen at all. It will come as a free upgrade for about every (non-pirate) consumer version Windows 7 and 8.1, and that is HUGE. Think of it this way: if Windows 10 achieves to require about the same minimum specs of Windows 7 for pc users, the potential user base developers will develop for is way bigger than windows 8/8.1 (assuming a considerable base of Windows 7 users DO update) add to that all the people that will update from WP 8/8.1, add now the ability for developers to expand some of their apps to the Xbox One and the result is a way bigger user base, and, that?s not all of it, now their apps will be in the start menu in the traditional PC which means they will be more accessible to the end user.

But, how is this new windows release anything different from the other ones? All of the other windows versions, from 95 to 8 brought new features, right? Well this release is different because this time Microsoft is listening to its users! This time its opening up its ecosystem instead of trying to just hit the right button and that?s really big! Nadella: ?We want to move from people needing Windows to choosing Windows to loving Windows. That is our bold goal with Windows.?

Hardware is now also a thing
Now that the Nokia Hardware department is Microsoft (mobile)?s property a new flagship is incoming ?later this year? and I?m really excited that if this is the company that designed and built the Surface Pro 3, we might have a really good one here. Imagine what Microsoft could do now that it owns the hardware and the software, and yes, it does resembles how Apple gets it products to be so optimized (before they update their phones :winktongue:).


On the PC side of things there is also a good change new surface models appear by summer if Windows 10 is released by that date, and adding them the latest Intel processors could result in potentially the best productivity tablets ever. Microsoft was able to turn Surface into a profitable business and will do so with the ex-Nokia division, the only thing I just wish they do is to take away from carriers the power to decide on wetter you receive or not firmware updates and just make availability a faster, more global thing.

Microsoft taking their ecosystem into other platforms
This may sound odd to many of us, old time windows fans who felt like we were left in the dark when Microsoft released better apps on iOS and Android. However we should get excited that this company is no more a Ballmer era elephant who refused to look at the reality, yes its ugly that we get things late in their own platform but Windows 10 with all the new apps is a big reward for the wait. People catching on into Microsoft services is a good way for them to go for the full Windows experience when Windows 10 arrives. In fact Microsoft buying Accompli and Sunrise and at the same time, not killing them but empowering them is a very bright move into a bigger audience for its services, also, have you heard of the Samsung S6 preloaded apps rumors? Nice.

Getting the message right
Microsoft is making their voice heard on all platforms for every user and that is a bold move. It?s also been through a big restructuring and the results are really starting to show off, products are starting to talk between each other (some literally), company divisions are working together, and the synergies are being felt. This new Microsoft is innovative, it?s fast, it?s modern, it?s open to everyone, and it has just One Mission: to empower every individual and organization on the world, to bring technology to those who do, to bring you a more secure internet, to help every individual get his life a little easier every day.

This post-Ballmer Microsoft is showing everyone that it will not miss the next big thing, and at the contrary, it will create the next big thing, that?s why you SHOULD get excited.

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