Wifi issue on T-mobile Nokia Lumia 635 and 530, how can I fix this?


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Oct 28, 2015
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Wifi issue on T-mobile Nokia Lumia 635 and 530

Hi. I posted about this before but thought it had solved itself but apparently not.

When I connect to wifi with either tmobile nokia lumia 635 or 530, especially on startup where it will automatically connect, oftentimes it will show I have a limited connection and show I have no internet access instead of a secure connection. However, when it does this, the wifi/internet works fine on my 635/530. I can access pages and surf the web even with it showing i have no internet access (I have no data plan).

When it shows that I have limited connection, I can often force it to show a "secure" connection by either turning wifi on and off, or, by trying to connect to another wifi connection, and when it asks for the password (which of course I don't have) I cancel, and my connnection then goes "secure" instead of no internet access. Also, disconnecting my "no internet access" connection and reconnecting often fixes it. It's like it really does have a secure connection, but is reporting the status wrong.

In any case, I always have internet access. This is more just an annoyance and I would like it to work properly since it should be showing I have a secure connection, not that I have a limited connection and no internet access.

I've tried the usual things like a soft reset, restarting, making sure I have all the updates etc, and the issue continues.

In terms of info, the issue happens with both my T-mobile nokia lumia 635 and 530 in the same exact way.

My router/modem is an Arris TG16726 from time warner cable. I've read of some people who have been able to correct this issue by tweaking router settings but I'm not sure what to do or try.

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Feb 6, 2015
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Re: Wifi issue on T-mobile Nokia Lumia 635 and 530

Does this only happen in one place for you, and not every area you are in with wifi?

Sometimes this kind of issue can be related to the area. At work, I have wifi and I am connected, but in a lot of areas, it's just weak. At home, I never have issues with wifi. I don't have any experience with that router though, but I hope someone can help you.


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Oct 28, 2015
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It's at home. I don't have that much exp connecting outside of home though the one or two times I connected to a hotspot it worked fine and showed "secure".

Now for the past 5 hours the 635 is working perfectly and I can't make it show "no internet access' no matter what I do (restarts, disconnecting, wifi on and off etc). It is always secure.

Maybe there is at times a temporary interference and then i have the problem? The other thing like I said is that no matter what it shows the internet works. When I was setting up the phone it stated it could not connect to the internet/wifi (but meanwhile updates proceeded) which leads me to believe that the issue was happening then. That didn't happen with the 530, but it has the same issue.

But like i said now i can't replicate the issue with the 635 if I wanted to cause it is working perfectly.
Hope it stays like that.

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